Ocean King 2 : Monster’s Revenge PCB Upgrade kit is a video redemption arcade game kit which customers can use to update or recondition their old Ocean King or fish hunting cabinet. This PCB kit accommodates 6 player and 8 player cabinets, which is changeable via the gameboard, and comes with all the necessary parts to update your game to the next Ocean King!

Battle horrible sea monsters seeking revenge for the fallen fish of Ocean King in this follow up game. Using the same controls (aim with joystick, fire weapons with ‘SHOOT’ button, and change guns with ‘WEAPON’ change button) players aim to catch as many fish as possible and to defeat the monsters! There are also 16 returning characters from Ocean King, including: Lion Fish, Lantern Fish, Flounder, Snapper, Clown Fish, Fugu, Devilfish, Butterfly Fish, Sea Turtle, Saw Shark, Lobster, Octopus, Shark, Overlord Humpback Whale, Killer Whale and a revised version of Bomb Crab! New characters included in the Ocean King 2 include Fire Dragon and Electromagnetic Cannon Crab, and there is also a new feature of the game where low profit fish, such as Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish and Fugu, are super sized – this makes them harder to kill and worth more points.

Players will face four new BOSS characters, which are hard to kill and can even attack the players! These characters are:

– The Prehistoric Giant Crocodile – he will attack players as he swims by, damaging their weapons.
– The Night Monster – who makes the screen go dark, and it becomes very hard to see any of the other fish to score points.
– Overlord Crab – these giant crabs can be taken out either by damaging his pincers or killing him directly.
– Deep Sea Octopus – this monster is too huge to fit on the screen, players must attack his tentacles to defeat him.

Players once again get several regular weapons, which they can switch between at any stage of the game using the WEAPON change button, such as Fish Net, Gun Tube, and Lock gun. They also get a brand new arsenal of high-powered weapons to help them face the monsters and catch as many fish as possible, including:

– Flamestrike De-Buff – this feature appears at random. Players must shoot the weapon in the specified time and they will be eligible to get Double Score or Extension of Shooting time, making this a key weapon for achieving high scores.
– Drill Cannon – ricochets from one side of the screen to the next, damaging and/or killing everything in it’s path. Once it has travelled as much as it can, it explodes taking even more fish.
– Chain Explosion Crab – previously known as Bomb Crab. This revised character weapon doesn’t just explode once like in the original, it explodes a whopping 3 times, moving around the screen with each explosion! This is capable of killing all fish in range with a maximum of x10 credits!

The HD 3D graphics bring the new stages and characters to life in intense detail and vibrancy, including new mini game stage Battle in the Golden City! While the game has kept some of the mini games from the original, such as Chain Lightning, Electromagnetic Crab, and Overlord Whale, it has also added a never-before seen mini-game called Battle in the Golden City. This game appears randomly and is free to enter! Players must catch the fish within the time limit, with unlimited score potential and rewards like the Double Treasure Chests, players are in for hours and hours of fun and excitement!

There are also a number of operator adjustable features so the Ocean King 2 game can be customized to suit the needs of your location and players, including payout feature, background music, sound effects, shooting time limit, odds and chance level, plus many more!

Ocean king 2 : Monster’s Revenge PCB Upgrade Kit is perfect for customers looking to breathe new life into their location and boost revenue, and with the precedent of Ocean King’s success behind it, Ocean King 2 is a sure bet. It is suitable for a wide range of locations, appealing to players of all skill levels, and is thrilling for both players and onlookers who will be drawn from all across the floor.





– Game Board
– IO Board
– 6 Hopper Boards
– Play Instructions
– Manual