How will my machine be packed during transit?

We can offer different packing options according to your needs and requests. Your machine can be bubble wrapped and placed on a pallet, or we can fully crate your machine – the choice is yours. Let us know how you would like your machine to be packed and we will follow accordingly.


 Can you provide product manuals for these machines?

Yes, we are able to provide English and Chinese manuals for our video redemption machines and game boards, in hard copy or electronic form. To receive one, please contact us and request which manual/s you need. Please note that all machines and game boards will be shipped with a manual.


 I do not have my own freight forwarder or customs broker, are you able to help?

We deliver to your closest port or terminal, therefore you will require a freight forwarder or customs broker to assist with local delivery. If you do not have your own freight forwarder or customs broker, please let us know and we can assist in finding one for you.


How will you ship my machine and how long will it take to reach me?

We deliver to your closest port or terminal and your machines can be shipped via;

– Air Cargo: approximately 7 days
– Sea Freight: in a 20ft or 40ft container (approximately 30 days depending on transit times)

For freight costings and further details on shipping please contact us.


How do I set up my machine so it earns good income?

Our export quality machines such as Ocean King and King of Treasures have modified software which provides increased operator functions and settings. We can also advise on whichinput and output settings (I.e. Coin In/Coin Out, Card In/Card Out etc.) will be more suitable for your venue and will assist in generating higher income. Please consult our team for further information and guidance.


Which machines earn the best income?

From independent customer income reports and testimonials, our Ocean King: Return of the King and Ocean King: King of Treasures English Versions have earned the best income in gaming centres (Money In/ Money Out). Reports indicated that Ocean King Return of the King English Version and King of Treasures English Version have been earning significant income and outperforming all other machines.


I already have my own machine; can I update my existing cabinet?

Yes, we can provide the game board, artwork and parts you need to update your existing cabinet. If you are unsure as to whether your machine is compatible, please contact us and we can easily assess whether your machine can be updated.


Do you have English Version machines and game boards?

We have English Version and Chinese Version machines and game boards available. Please consult our product information or talk to our staff members for more details.


What machine sizes do you offer?

Depending on the machine you order, the following options may be available (please review product information and consult with our staff members);
– 6 Player Baby (with smaller footprint)
– 6 Player Standard
– 8 Player

If you are unsure about what sized machine to purchase, please contact us and we will be able to help assess which machine size is most suitable for your venue.


What Input and Output options do you provide?

We provide a range of Input and Output options for our video redemption machines such as:

– Coin In / Coin Out
– Coin In / Redemption Ticket Out
– Coin + Note In / Redemption Ticket Out
– Note In / Thermal Printer Out

If you are unsure as to which configuration is best for you, please talk to our staff members and we will be able to help assess which option is best for your venue.


What is the difference between English Version Export Quality and China Standard Machines?

Our export quality machines are machines that have been built with premium components (quality joysticks, buttons, harnesses, power supplies etc.), have the top of the line configurations (thermal printer, bill acceptors, cashless systems etc.) and include English Software with increased operator functions. With these machines you can be guaranteed a high income earning machine with return of investment. For example, the Return of the King and King of Treasures video redemption machines. The China Standard Machines are made of cheaper components, do not include premium configurations (usually only Key In / Key Out) and include limited operator functions. These machines can quite often be more troublesome and may break down over time, for instance, the China Dragon and Bug Catcher video redemption machines.


Are these machines made with quality components?

Our export quality machines, such as Return of the King and King of Treasures are made with quality joysticks, buttons, harnesses, power supplies, game boards etc. and are built to last. When purchasing one of our export quality machines you can rest easy and know what your machine will have a good running life. You will be free of rust issues, game board problems, joystick and push button issues and so on. We have endeavoured to provide premium components and offer the best machines in the marketplace.


What do I do if I have a problem with my machine?

If your machine is not working properly or isn’t generating preferable income, please contact us via phone, email or visit one of our offices. We will help to find the cause of the problem, provide a solution and offer advice on how to best manage your machine/s in the future. If you are unhappy with your machine and you have had it for less than 30 days, provided you have followed our terms and conditions, you can return the machine (refer to “What type of warranty and returns policy do you provide?” ).


What type of warranty and returns policy do you provide?

If your machine is not working properly or isn’t generating preferable income, please contact us via phone, email or visit one of our offices. We will help to find the cause of the problem, provide a solution and offer advice on how to best manage your machine/s in the future. If you are unhappy with your machine and you have had it for less than 30 days, provided you have followed our terms and conditions, you can return the machine (refer to the Customer Information page for terms and conditions).


Are you the actual manufacturer?

Yes. We have exclusive distribution of Ocean King: Return of the King English Version Game Board Software and we produce our own video redemption arcade cabinets. We have worked very hard to improve the quality of the game boards and video redemption cabinets to guarantee our customers receive the best products in the marketplace. We have endeavoured ensure our customers receive quality parts, high end construction, English language games, increased operator management systems and high return on investment. When dealing with us, you can be assured that we have had hands on experience with the products and have extensive knowledge on machines available.


How do I know that I am dealing with a real company?

We are a professional company with real industry experience. We have been in the arcade and amusement industry for over 26 years and currently serve over 43,000 customers in 253 countries. We have three offices located in Australia, Hong Kong and China which you are welcomed to visit and talk to our staff directly.


I am looking to update my arcade/gaming venue but not sure of what machines to keep and what machines to change?

If you tell us which machines you are currently operating and which have been the most successful in your venue, we can quickly assess which machines should be upgraded. Furthermore, if you also provide us with your target market/customer demographic and budget, we can suggest new machines to replace outdated/unsuccessful machines in your venue.


I am looking to open my own arcade/gaming venue but I am not sure what machines will be best for my centre?

Let us help. We have had 26 years experience in the arcade and amusement industry. We have worked with leading manufacturers and developers, and have real industry experience. Our team has set up many successful arcades and gaming centres over the years and continue to provide consultancy services today. If you tell us your vision, target market, time frame and budget, we can suggest the best mix of machines for your venue.



There are lots of models and different copies of Ocean King out in the market, including Fish Hunter, Shark King, Full Attack, Poseidon and Ocean King III. However, the Ocean King: Return of the King, King of Treasures, and Ocean King 2: Monster’s Revenge are all PREMIUM English Version models and here’s why you should always go for quality over quantity:

1. The software has been upgraded for better returns for the operator – operator access and control has been massively improved in the Ocean King model machines to ensure the best returns possible!

2. Heaps of output options! The Ocean King models are available with new printer functions, as well as traditional coin in/out and ticket redemption functions, and the increasingly popular note function too. These machines are available with the most input/output options currently available to best suit your locations needs!

3. Increase profits! The Ocean King arcade machine has proven to boost revenue over $1,000 a day! King of Treasures and Ocean King 2 build upon the precedent guaranteeing good returns and revenue boosts to operators.

4. Feel secure with our Money Back Guarantee. Unlike other distributors, we have so much confidence in the Ocean King models as a product that if it doesn’t meet your expectations, we are now offering a 30 day, money back guarantee!

When it comes to a premium product, there is no substitution for quality. Ocean King English Version is a quality product that is designed, not only to entertain players, but to meet the needs of operators, whether that need is to boost revenue or just bring new life to your location. Also, because the machines are made from durable, quality parts  it is very reliable and is built to last in high or low traffic locations.


To elaborate on point 4 above, the premium Ocean King English Version is a smash hit on every floor and players of all ages, of all kinds, love this game. It has proven time and again that it has a high replay value and is one of the most effective games for increasing revenue currently in the market. In fact, the Ocean King arcade machine is so effective that we are now offering this money back guarantee.

We are so confident that our version of Ocean King is the best in the market that if you purchase this machine and it is not to your expectations, you can return the machine within 30 days and we will refund the cost of the machine (this does not include any additional freight costs).

Terms and Conditions
Highway Games follows a 30 day money back guarantee policy, including change of mind – no questions asked. Refunds do not apply to freight paid or incurred, and will be processed within thirty business days of receipt of goods. The machine must be returned in its original condition, with all accessories, contents or extras received with the purchase. If damage has occurred to the machine, cost of repair will be deducted from the refund, which will then be processed after repairs have been made. Finally, when returning the machine, DO NOT reset the Audits as Highway Games can utilize this information for evaluation purposes in determining customer dissatisfaction.


Testimonials are a great way to gauge the reception of a product and how it fares over the long term. See what other Ocean King owners and customers have to say about the machines and the impact it has had on their businesses, or, if you’d like to submit a testimonial about the Ocean King, please email our sales team at

“The Ocean King works great the way it is. No need the upgrade, we love the Ocean King, it’s actually the best version of fish that we have, in terms of profit…” – D. O., USA

“By the way, the King of Treasure upgrade board is doing great. Life time numbers are roughly 87% on 250,000…” – R. S., USA

“As a game room owner, I wanted to share that the seafood paradise game seems to be in extremely high demand here in Oahu!! ” – M. T., USA

“I am so impressed with this game Ocean King, customers are having so much fun, revenues are great, very exciting product!” – D. F., Texas, USA

“Thank you so much for all your support and advice. You guys are very professional and courteous. I would recommend you to everyone.” – D. I., USA

“People love the game and we’ve successfully completed our cabinet.” – K. M., California, USA