The Ocean King Arcade Vending service can be used by  operators and agents of fish hunting game machines like the Ocean King series, all across the US, to connect with each other and create profitable working relationships to get the most income out of every machine!


What Is Vending?

Vending is the US terminology for profit sharing and is based on the same concept, although it is also used interchangeably to also refer to a type of cabinet or machine (vending machines, which can be food, drink or prize based).

Vending is a great way for organizations and street locations to get additional revenue, without the huge output cost of buying new machines, and then upgrading those machines, and eventually trying to sell or offload the machine!

What Ocean King Arcade is offering with this service is to connect operators with an appropriate agent who will take care of everything! The agent will get the machine to you, put it on site in your location, maintain the machine with regular servicing or repairs, and will remove the machine at the end of the agreed term. All the operator has to do is split the earnings from the cash box with the agent (the frequency and percentage of payments will be coordinated between the agent and operator, according to what works best for both parties).

There are a number of fish hunting game machines available for a vending arrangement, and all machines can be customized to suit the operator’s specific location to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.

Why Should I Consider A Vending Arrangment?

Flexibility. Low-risk. Operators come to really covet these types of arrangments as they are highly flexible and financially low-risk. With no upfront costs, no installation fees, and no maintenance or service fees, these high-end, top-of-the-range game machines become not only affordable, but sustainable with maximum profits from the day of installation.


Ready to upgrade? All you have to do is make another arrangement, again with zero output costs!

Machine need to be serviced? No problem, let your agent know and they will organise any servicing or repairs that need to happen!

Want the machine out of your location? Once your agreed term is up, the agent will simply come and remove the machine from the operators location.


The vending arrangement proposed by Ocean King Arcade is available all across the U.S.A. If you’re interested in vending a machine, or, you’re looking for a fish game machine to put in your location on a vending agreement, contact our friendly sales staff today at and we will help connect you.