Ocean King (Return of the King) is a 6-8 player arcade game machine with an ocean theme. In this English version game, 6-8 players enter into competitive game play, each trying to capture as many fish as possible; the bigger, the better! This is a simple and easy to understand concept, however, the challenge for players in what fish to get with what guns and frequent use of mini game features.

Players or operators (depending on the input options you choose) simply stack credits on the machine, and then players can start the game. Players use the joystick to aim one of the three interchangeable net guns (including the Cumulative Super Gun) at a fish and when the target is lined up, players hit the ‘SHOOT’ button to hopefully catch the fish.

There are 16 types of fish to try and catch, all of which are worth different amounts of points. For extra challenge, the main gameplay is layered with awesome features or mini-games, which are important to utilize to win the game. These include:

– The Bomb Crab – when the bomb crab is captured by a player it explodes and the player can get extra points from the explosion if it affects other fish.

– Lightning Chain – there are nine types of fish which are subject to lightning chain: Snapper, Fugu, Butterfly fish, Lionfish, Clown Fish, Flounder, Octopus, Lobster, and Spearfish. Use the lightning chain to get up to nine kinds of fish at once and win extra points depending on how many fish, and how many different types of fish, are present on the screen at the time.

  – Vortex Fish – each fish (except Shark, Devilfish, Killer Whales, Bomb Crabs and Humpback Whales) have a vortex feature. When a player picks up the vortex feature, the fish with the vortex feature at the time captures all the same fish near it for the player.

All available cabinets feature either a high resolution 32″ or 55” LCD display monitor, both with amazing 3D graphics; all cabinets also feature a Key In and Out function for operators to stack and return credits. All cabinets are made with premium Chinese components to create a great quality machine – one of the best in the market place.

The Key In and Out function is an important feature and is present on all our Ocean King machines. It gives full control to the operators, i.e. when players want to play the machine, the operator must use this function to put credits on the machine, as well as pay them out when the game is over. Operators simply insert the key into the allocated slot and turn it; while turned simply push the ‘SHOOT’ button to put on credit/pay out credits (for example, if you want to put 50 credits on the machine, you push the ‘SHOOT’ button 50 times; same to pay out).

The Ocean King (Return of the King) arcade fish hunter game machine is perfect for gaming areas and locations. The range of cabinets and input/output options make it much more viable, and profitable, for a wider range of locations. This also allows operators to have a customized cabinet for their game, which will best suit the needs of the operator and their location for the best possible results.



– 6 or 8 players acceptable at the same time!

– Key In/Out Function for Operators!

– 32 or 55 inch A-level LCD display with big table-board – more space, more fun!

 – Full 3D graphics bring you the real appearance of the undersea world!

 – Three interchangeable guns, including the new Cumulative Super Gun!

 – 16 types of fish to catch and heaps of different scenes to enjoy!

Available Options:

– Coin In/Coin Out Version Machine

 – Bill Acceptor/Thermal Printer Machine


Available Cabinets (Dimensions):

– Ocean King Baby 32″ Cabinet – 85* 116.5* 84* (cm) / 33.4* 45.8* 33* (inches)

 – Ocean King 6 Player 55″ Cabinet – 180* 110* 70* (cm) / 70.8* 43.3* 27.5* (inches)

 – Ocean King 8 Player 55″ Cabinet – 190* 115* 85* (cm) / 74.8* 45.2* 33.4* (inches)