Boost revenue and breathe new life into your outdated fish hunter game machine using the premium Ocean King Upgrade Game Kit. It is a PCB upgrade kit that can be fitted into a range of machines, including Ocean Star, Shark King, Gold Legend, Gold Dragon, Fish Hunter and Fish Hunter Plus for all new game-play that has an oceanic theme where players can earn big!

The Upgrade Game Kit comes with the Ocean King Game Board, I/O Board, 6 or 8 Terminal Boards and Cabinet Artwork, including stickers and plastics to create a whole new game!


If you have yet to join in on this massive industry trend, you’re in luck. Most games that continuously bring out new versions and updates require you to continually buy new cabinets as well or live with an out-dated model; this is not the case with Ocean King.

One of the real strengths about the premium game machine is that when it comes time to update, you can just buy the Update Game Kit –  it is not necessary to buy cabinet after cabinet to get the benefits of updating the game. Buy the one cabinet and after that you just replace the game board, artworks and plastics as needed once the it is released. It’s so easy, so simple and you save a little extra for you.